DOC-Q-LACE Capsules QUAL 1000 Capsules


SENSE YOUR SLIGHTEST CHANGE from your body temperature with ZENNO basal digital thermometer. This clinical basal thermometer has an accuracy of 1/100th of a degree to measure actual temperature, meaning that each reading may take minutes, but the result is amazingly precise.

EXCELLENT FERTILITY TRACKING: Determine your pattern of the cycle is the first step for ovulation tracking. Using basal body thermometer every day to chart your body temperature and predict ovulation. Ready to become parents and start a great new adventure in your life? A natural cycles thermometer will be your best companion.

SAFE AND FLEXIBLE TIP: A rigid tip might accidentally hurt you while using fertility thermometer. With a flexible tip, able to be bent easily, ovulation basal thermometer by ZENNO provides a safe and comfortable user experience, especially for oral use. A hardcover is included to keep the body thermometer sanitized and safe when not being in use.

EASY TO USE: Taking your temperature has never been easier. Just place the thermometer tip under your tongue and keep your mouth close during the reading process. The measurement is completed after the beeping alarm. Never miss your last temperature with our memory function of digital thermometer for ovulation tracking.

RELIABLE DEVICE AND GUARANTEE: This digital basal thermometer complied with FDA and European CE, which track your basal body temperature with confidence as each bbt thermometer for ovulation has undergone medical testing and conformity calibration. If you are not happy with the results, please contact us for a full refund or exchange.



Predicting ovulation is now possible thanks to ZENNO Basal Digital Thermometer. Basal body temperature (BBT) is the lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period. Charting BBT is a good way to track the ovulation. You’ll need a highly accurate and sensitive device to measure minute changes from your body temperature. Nothing is more suitable for your demand than Basal Body Thermometer by ZENNO, which is compact, safe, economical and convenient. The medical thermometer comes with the flexible and soft tip because your secure user experience is our number one priority. Quick and Accurate Readings, the reading time of ZENNO Basal Thermometer: – Mouth: 2 min 30s – Oxter: 3 min 25s – Other: 5 min and up After the measurement is completed, your temperature will be displayed on a broad and easy-to-read on LCD screen. We recommend to use the fertility thermometer every day for a few months to get a pattern of your cycle. Take your body temperature in the morning right after you wake up for the most accurate result. You don’t have to try to look at the monitor in the early morning when it’s still dark. The memory recall function stores the last temperature measured, so that you can note down the reading to your ovulation chart whenever you want until the next measurement. Learn to control your fertility from today with ZENNO Basal Thermometer by quickly click the Add to Cart button!


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