Exotic Nutrition Glider-Cal (3.5 oz.) – Calcium Supplement for Sugar Gliders – Prevents Hind Leg Paralysis


About this item Calcium Supplement for Sugar gliders and Flying Squirrels of various ages. Produced as a ULTRA-FINE or easier coating of fruit or insects. GLIDER-CAL can be sprinkled on fruit daily. There is no phosphorus in this supplement. Excellent for Sugar gliders with lower calcium intake in relation to phosphorus intake. Helps prevent calcium deficiency and hind leg paralysis. Ingredients: Calcium carbonate 96.5% Magnesium carbonate 3.5% Exotic Nutrition Pet Company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of exotic mammal feeds, supplements, and accessories

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Mixing Glider-Cal with GLIDER BOOSTER or Squirrel Booster vitamin supplement will bring optimum results. Mix teaspoon GLIDER-CAL with teaspoon of GLIDER BOOSTER Per pound of food. (fresh fruits or fresh vegetables). GLIDER-CAL mixed with GLIDER BOOSTER can also be sprinkled on live insects as a coating before feeding. We love animals, all shapes and all sizes. Many people ask us if we have children and I say “yes, with fur!” We are a wholesale company that sells directly to other retailers in the industry. We support many veterinary clinics, pest stores, groomers, boarders, and other animal supply retailers. Our goal is to provide each one of our retailers with outstanding customer service and fast dependable shipping. We recognize that our business depends on your business and we want you to succeed. Petwiser selects only the very best products to distribute. These specific lines are chosen based on their exceptional manufacturing and superior ingredient quality. After years of research and testing, our main product lines are the foundation of superior products in the pet an animal care industry. With so many companies in the world market to consider, we believe these companies are driven by successful results with several years of science behind them. Pets deserve the best!


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