F.M. Brown Hoops and Honey Berry Flavor Pet Treats, 3-Ounce


Brand F.M. Brown
Flavour Honey
Breed recommendation Small Breeds
Specific uses for product Active^Teeth
Package information Bag
Age range (description) Adult
Item weight 85 Grams

About this item

  • Stimulates The Natural Foraging Instinct And Helps To Relieve Cage Boredom
  • Supports Healthy Teeth And Gums With The Porous Texture And Round Shape
  • Fortified with Vitamins, Minerals and DHA Fatty Acid
  • Contains “Very berry” Flavor And Natural Honey
  • Probiotics Added To Support A Healthy Digestion


Tropical Carnival Hoops and Honey Treats are nutritious, fun-to-eat, crispy-puffy foraging snacks with natural honey and berry flavor in every crunchy bite. The unique, round shapes have a porous texture and a great taste that satisfies your small animal’s natural gnawing instinct.


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