HelloMiao Non-Slip Dog Pee Pad Washable Pet Urinal Pad, Reusable Dog Training Mat (2 Pieces) (70 * 90cm, Brown)


About this item 【Environmental Protection】: Compared with disposable Dog pee pad, Our Dog Pee Pads can be reused and save resources. They can be machine-washed or hand-washed, Which saves you money while protecting the environment. 【Anti-Slip】: Dog Pee Pad is made of TC cotton and Oxford cloth, Which is not easy to wrinkle, And the edge stitching is neat, Not easy to tear or curl, And Non-slip silicone on the back, Which is not easy to slide on tiles, Hardwood floors, etc. 【Durable】: Dog Piss Pad material is sturdy, Scratch-resistant and quick-drying. The waterproof backing can continue to function after multiple washings and can be used again in a short time. 【Wide Range of Uses】: Dog Training Mat can be used for pet kennels, Sofas, Indoor floors, Carpets, And can also be placed on car seats when going out with the dog 【Keep It Clean】: Pet Urinal Pad can better absorb and retain the smell of urine, Reduce urine smell and the breeding of bacteria, And protect your floor and carpet to the greatest extent.

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The house is full of excrement, the room is full of stench, and the dog’s feet are full of urine. When driving to play, the dog is peeing in the car. Are you still worried about these “urine problems”? I recommend to you this Pet Multifunctional Pee Pad1. This urine pad has the advantages of non-slip, urinary absorption, scratch-resistant, machine washable, reusable, water-proof at the bottom, and not easy to stick to hair. It can be reused, economical, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and lower the cost of keeping pets.2. Dog pee pad a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different spaces, 4 layers of material design, healthy cloth + TC cotton + waterproof layer + Oxford cloth, the bottom also has non-slip silicone, which can prevent naughty dogs from moving and moving the position of the mat3. This pet urinal pad is suitable for multi-scene use. It can be used in other scenes such as indoor floor, sofa, car trunk, pet changing mat, cat litter nest, feeding area, etc.Product Information1. Product Name: Pet Non-Slip Anti-Urinary Quick-Drying Pad2. Product unfolded Size: M: 70*50 cm  L: 70*90 cm3. Product Color: gray4. Product weight: M:512g(2Pcs)   L:924g(2Pcs)5. Product Material: healthy cloth + TC cotton + Oxford cloth


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