MintAsure Mint Coated Capsules 160 ct (Quantity of 4)


STOP SNORING SOLUTION: This magnetic nose clip is the solution for all snorers! The snore cap facilitates the widening of the nostrils by improving the breathing of the nose. This makes the product very effective for snoring.

MEDICAL GRADE SOFT SILICONE: The new 2019 version of Anti Snoring Device is made of high quality medical grade soft silicone. BPA free, Non-toxic and Safe. The carrying case provides protection against dust and dirt.

EASY TO USE: Just clip your nose when you are going to sleep. No pain or harm to your nose, can increase the air breath for sleeping. To eliminate mild to moderate snoring.

PREVENT INFECTION: Change the habit of oral respiration during sleeping and prevent upper respiratory infection.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We highly appreciate your gratitude and trust.we are committed to providing the best customer service possible.



For immediate and long lasting fresh breath.Clinically proven to freshen breath now and later. Mint assure is the capsle you swallow to eliminate bad breath odors. The high powered mint coating gives you an immediate burst of frshness NOW and, together with the capsule containing parsley seed oil, provides a long lasting effect. So effective it even defies Garlic Breath!


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