Norpur Pig Ears Strips for Dogs, 5 lb. Box, Natural Oven-Baked Chews with No Hormones or Preservatives, Cleaner Teeth and Shinier Coat, Reduce Bad Breath


About this item Nourish Beautiful, Healthy Coats – These high-quality, all-natural pig ear strips dog treats provide your pet with essential proteins and vitamins that fortify skin and coat health for a shinier, healthier look. Delicious Oven-Baked Flavor – A true delight for puppies to senior dogs our bulk strips retain their natural flavors without any harsh additives which makes them a smart choice for training good behaviors. No Additives or Hormones – Unlike some dog training treats or pig strips that contain harsh preservatives our pork ears are 100% all natural. No GMOs, no hormones, just pure delicious flavors. Cleaner Teeth, Less Bad Breath – Letting your dog chew on these canine-safe pork ears can help remove plaque and tartar buildup which better protects their teeth and gums while also helping reduce bad breath odors. Family Owned and Operated Business – Founded right here in Canada we take pride in the quality of our dog treats. That’s why we source locally and ship them out ourselves to ensure true freshness.



Don’t settle for dog treats packed with hormones or additives. Choose Norpur and always give them a high-quality snack packed with protein and nutrients. When it comes to your dog you want to give them healthy treat options that satisfy their need to chew, keep their teeth and gums clean, reduce bad breath, and are 100% free of unhealthy additives. That’s why nothing beats the quality taste of Norpur Pig Ear Strips. These all-natural, protein-rich pig ears are oven-baked to retain a delicious taste without hormones, chemicals, or harsh ingredients that aren’t good for your pup. And because they’re just the right balance of tough chewiness puppies and senior dogs alike will love every bite. Fresh, Delicious, and All-Natural Norpur pig ear strips are the perfect choice for training your dog to do new tricks, rewarding them for good behavior, or simply surprising them with a delicious snack they’ll love. And because they don’t splinter or produce intense odors you can give them to both your indoor and outdoor pups. Product Details:All-Natural Pig Ear Strips (5 lb. Bag) Premium Oven-Roasted Flavor Tough, Chewy, and Delicious Treats Safe for Puppies and Adult Dogs No Additives, Preservatives, or Hormones Canadian Owned and Operated Business Get a box of premium pig ear strips from Norpur by clicking Add to Cart above and give your dog a healthy, delicious treat that’s also good for them.


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