Rebound Recuperation Formula for Dogs


About this item Help your dog BOUNCE BACK Fluid therapy for dogs during recuperation following surgery or sickness Contains ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS ANTIOXIDANTS OMEGAS and PREBIOTICS Formulated to PROMOTE HYDRATION, NUTRITION and IMMUNE SUPPORT Promote EATING and DRINKING during recovery. Can be fed with or without food



Rebound Recuperation Formula is a palatable liquid formulation designed to feed the gut, support the immune system and promote eating and drinking. Delivers vital nutrients to help support recuperation in dogs and cats Promotes eating and drinking of recovering animals Supports gastrointestinal tract and immune function Features: Arginine, zinc & glutamine to help maintain immune function Glutamine to aid in maintaining gastrointestinal tract integrity Fatty acids, Taurine and Vitamin E to provide antioxidants Inulin and Fructooligosaccharides for intestinal microflora balance


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