Recordable Training Buzzers – Set of 4. Dog & Puppy Speech Training Buttons. Easily Train Your Dog to Press Buttons and Voice What They Want.


{Step 1} Choose words according to the action you want your dog to be able to communicate. We suggest starting with the core four; walk (toilet), food, water and play. At this stage, choose the words you most often say to your dog while performing these actions. {Step 2} Place the buzzers together in a central point in your home. Ensure they are easily accessible for your dog and visible for you to see how they use them. Alternatively, place your buzzers individually around your home according to the word you’ve recorded on your buzzer. For example, put ‘walk’ beside the door you leave for walks, ‘food’ beside their food bowl, ‘play’ beside their toys etc. {Step 3} Use your buzzers during day-to-day life with your dog. E.g. When placing their food down or begin preparing for a walk, hit the corresponding buzzer. Use them along with your own voice, to help your dog to associate the buzzer with the activity. Repetition is key. Press the buzzer 2-3 times when performing the action and say it to your dog. Have their attention when you press the buzzer. Never force them to push the buzzers. They may appear hesitant but they will quickly understand. {Step 4} Rewarding your pet. When your dog starts interacting with your buzzers ensure you praise them. This encourages the behaviour. If they press a buzzer, even if you feel it was not intentional, try to perform it with your dog straight away to enforce association. {Step 5} Patience. It will take time for your dog to understand what you are asking of it, especially if these methods weren’t used from when the dog was a puppy. However, with repetition and dedication you will see impressive results and have a much better understanding of your pets wants and needs.



Never need to ask your dog ‘what do you want?!’ again with DogTalk Recordable Training Buzzers. Within only a couple of weeks of consistent while at the same time, easy and quick training, your dog will be pressing down on its own buzzers to let you know whenever it wants to let you know that it wants to go outside, get food or water or whatever you would like it to communicate to you! All it takes is a quick recording for example ‘outside’, ‘toilet’ (or whatever you’d naturally say to describe going outside) on one of our training buzzers using your own voice, then just make sure your dog watches you press down on the buzzer each time before you take them outside. Do this for two weeks or so until your dog begins to become aware through repetition and conditioning that the buzzer being pressed and the action of going outside now go hand in hand. Stick with it for a couple of weeks and naturally, the curiosity of your dog will take over and they will begin pressing down on the buzzer when they want to go outside. Easy and incredibly effective! Then repeat with food, water, play, whatever you’d like your dog to be able to communicate to you with, the world is your oyster! Giving your dog the ability to communicate is truly life-changing not just for you but for them as well and all of our customers say they feel a closer connection with their dog from giving them the ability to express their needs easier and faster. Nevermind how fun the training process is! We really hope you enjoy using DogTalk Recordable Training Buzzers and let’s say goodbye to asking your dog what it wants once and for all! Dog Talk


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