TENA Slip Plus Medium, 30 St [Badartikel]


About this item

All in one protection Designed for Medium to Heavy urine leakage

FeelDry technology for outstanding dryness

Body fitting curved leg elastics for improved fit, comfort and leakage security

Easy Fit for easier to put on the body

Wetness indicator to show when the product needs to be changed



Tena Slip Plus panty diaper TENA Slip Plus with ConfioAir is fully breathable, dermatologically tested and thus promotes skin health. The absorbent core fast-acting of the assistance offers to your dear a high level of security against loss. The non-woven material gives a feeling of extreme softness and the elastic insert ensures a comfortable fit. The ConfioAir technology allows the skin to breathe Fixing adhesive Velcro for a comfortable fit The highly absorbent and fast-acting core provides security against losses dermatologically tested The materials that make up the product for incontinence are dermatologically tested to support healthy skin. Coated non-woven fabric for gentle comfort The new exterior cladding and new side nonwoven fabric are delicate and more comfortable on the skin. Odour Neutralizer The system reduces the formation of odors Odour Neutralizer The system reduces the formation of ammonia odors to give a feeling of freshness and dignity. The shift indicator shows when it is time to make the change of the assistance No need to open the protection TENA for incontinence briefs to check if you need to change it. The moisture indicator color (Wetness Indicator) on the outer side of the product turns from yellow to blue when it is time to perform the change. Elastic around the thigh for a high wearability Elastics around the thighs and the waist elastic insert (Elastic Waist Band) offer comfort and protection against losses. Rapid and easy identification The level of absorbency, identified by a color code, statements relating to the size and type of assistance are given on the product and on the packaging.


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