KORIER Basal Thermometer – Digital Basal Body Temperature Monitor for Tracking Ovulation – Highly Accurate 1/100th Degree – Catch Perfect Ovulation and Get Pregnant Naturally


Predicting ovulation for women has never been simpler with KORIER Digital Basal Thermometer. If you are in trouble with choosing the thermometer which has high accuracy, sensitive tip and waterproof, The KORIER Digital Basal Thermometer is the number one priority for you. It is possible to meet all demand about a thermometer for tracking ovulation. Being tested in many medical testings and conformity calibration, this thermometer ensures to bring you the most secure experience.

Quick and Accurate Readings, the reading time of KORIER Digital Basal Thermometer:

– Mouth: 2 min 30s

– Oxter: 3 min 25s

– Other: 5 min and up

Take your temperature first in the morning, after you wake up. You will hear a soft beep indicating your reading is done. It provides high accuracy to help you get one step closer to fulfill your dreams of being a parent. By taking your Basal Body Temperature each morning, you can pinpoint when ovulation occurs in your cycle.

The memory recall function stores the last temperature measured, so that you can note down the reading to your ovulation chart whenever you want until the next measurement.


· Accurate Measurement to 1/100 degree

· Automatically Shut Off

· FDA & CE approved

· Soft, flexible tip

· Waterproof design

· Memory Function (Last reading recall)

Understand more your cycle: Your cycle is unique and sometimes confusing. This thermometer is the wise choice for you to know exactly your cycle Slow but Sure : This thermometer will take a few minutes to measure because it is designed to bring the most accurate for customers Natural family planning: In the case of using this thermometer, you will know exactly your cycle. Therefore, you can decide when you want to pregnant.

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PRECISION MEASURING: The Basal Thermometer has results that are accurate to 1/100th degree. This Basal Thermometer is excellent for determining and monitoring ovulation unlike ordinary thermometers which will not let you find your fertile window. Do not waste your time using thermometers with the accuracy of 1/10th degree.

SAFE AND FLEXIBLE TIP: With the flexible and soft tip, this Basal Thermometer is necessary for women who desire to have a comfortable sensation instead of being hurt when using thermometers.

RELIABLE DEVICE: Undergoing the medical testing and conformity calibration proves the reliability of this Basal Thermometer. It is considered by many customers as the easiest and most reliable way to detach and track possible ovulation.

WATERPROOF: Waterproof design allows you to clean maximum sanitation without being damaged.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: KORIER Digital Basal Thermometer comes securely boxed with its protective case and instruction manual. Our quality Digital Thermometer is backed up by 1 Year Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the accuracy of this Digital Thermometer, we will provide you with a full refund.